Dinner for Eight

A new small group experience for women!

What is Dinner for Eight? Dinner for Eight is a great way to meet Women from our Parish that you may not already know. It’s also a good way to get to know your church family better. Groups plan their own meals and get together once a month for five consecutive months. You share meals at participants’ homes, at local restaurants, the church or wherever the group decides. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship, so you don't have to be a gourmet cook to participate.

How are the Dinner for Eight groups formed? As Dinner for Eight groups are formed, our goal will be to put people together so that each group has, at most, eight women taking into account the day/night preferences that you listed.

How does a Dinner for Eight Group work? Simply fill out the registration form and return it before Feb 29th. Groups will be revealed by March 3rd. There will be a lead point person for each group.  The group lead will contact members to arrange the details for the first gathering.

What happens after our last gathering? After the last gathering, you may decide to sign up for another round of Dinner for Eight with a different group of women, or your group may wish to stay intact and continue as a small group. If you choose to stay together as a small group, the fellowship Committee can provide resources to help you add elements of study and service to your small group and to continue to deepen the fellowship you have already established.

Questions? Please contact Tricia at tpechotta@ssppcary.org


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